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Sunday, July 5, 2020

User Reviews

Users review EZchecklist™:
This checklist is really the thing I didn't know I needed, it's revolutionized how I approach each new day. When I set out to start the EZchecklist™️, the main issue I was keen to work on was accountability to myself. The most frustrating part about this is the lack of progress in goals I've set for myself. Since starting the EZchecklist™️ I've been more mindful of fitting in small activities throughout the day to reach my personal development goals. An example of an everyday activity that's gone particularly well is my goal to increase fluency in French by listening to French podcasts. Prior to the checklist, I would listen when I remembered to, maybe once a week. Now, I've tuned in 33 of the 36 days I've tracked it (92% of the time!).

The most important part of this is that it's not just a checklist but a better way of how you approach each new day. Knowing what I get to "check-off" at the end of the day has led me to noticeable improvements in motivation and a decrease in procrastination. The graphics and interface of EZchecklist™️ are quite simple, and many tweaks are still being released, but this is also an advantage as you can customize it really easily. Michael is also incredibly supportive and responsive, fixing issues I raised within a day. If you're interested in improving your accountability to yourself and turning ideals into habits, this is definitely worth the thing to try.  

   YH, student, Toronto, 2/10/21


Here are things I love most about the EZ checklist.

EZchecklist includes all my holistic goals.  It is organized in a way that is easy to use and visually appealing. The continuous updates of the software as well as added perks make it increasingly better as time goes on. 

Now that I use the EZchecklist, there are more healthy and beneficial habits in my life than ever before.  Helping others and spending time with family are just a couple of the many great things I now track (and therefore focus on) thanks to you. 

The original EZchecklist product has proven to be a very useful foundation for me on its own.  The fact that it is customizable and personalizable on top of that makes it that much better. 

The atmosphere is a positive space, including the ToBeWise quotes (aka cherry on top).

The MOST beneficial part of the EZchecklist however has been you. 

You motivate and inspire me.  You follow up with me, you listen to what I say, and you make yourself available.  You even have helped work with me and/or flat out found solutions to some of my problems, both big and small. 

I am so grateful for what you have created and for you.  

AS, New Jersey, 12/10/2020

EZchecklist gives me the tremendous ability to systematically improve my daily processes. For me, it's one thing to know how I should be spending my day, and something entirely different to put that into action. Getting into new habits often comes with resistance. I have found that EZchecklist provides a straightforward means of accountability that greatly lowers that habitual inertia. Simply through checking boxes and lumping how I spend my time into chosen categories, I can add valuable intention into my daily life.

One way I've noticed that EZchecklist has changed me is I've stopped playing video games entirely. Instead, I've been happily choosing to read, journal, meditate, or send time with family. I've also been working out, meditating, sleeping, and eating fruits and vegetables more consistently as a result of tracking them with EZchecklist.

In its current version, the UI is crude but effective. Future versions should endeavor to improve the efficiency of entering and tracking data. A phone app would likely be the best way to accomplish this. Some features that may improve the user experience include task timing, integrated notes along with a separate notes section, optional and customizable scheduled notifications, and intuitive external data integration. I think that one of the greatest challenges for EZchecklist at scale will be to teach users how to search for and find what exactly they should be tracking on their list.
                                                                                                    LM, student, Encinitas, CA

EZchecklist software has transformed my life.
Seeing how my time is actually spent versus how I thought I was spending my time was an unpleasant surprise, but EZchecklist has allowed me to optimize my day so I can get as much work done as possible, while still having time for other critical activities in my life.

Due to its layout, EZchecklist makes it easier to add new habits as well. Over the last three years, I have tried to add meditation to my daily routine without success. Since I started using EZchecklist, I've not only found the time to meditate, but have no longer been able to make excuses to myself about how I didn't have enough time to.

EZchecklist is my unfair advantage - while other entrepreneurs struggle to figure out how to structure their time and their business in parallel, I am able to focus on the problems the day throws at me, knowing that my day is optimally structured. I highly recommend this software to any high-performance individual looking to enhance their workflow and work-life balance simultaneously.
GC, CEO, startup, San Diego, CA

EZchecklist is masterful in that it incorporates goal setting, productivity tracking and personal growth attributes! 

What I love most is that it is customizable which is critical because everyone’s requirements and preferences are different. Is there more to rave about?  Yes.  It is simple, it is motivating and when you are lagging (which you knew you were) but now it is right in front of you and quantifiable.

The result of using EZchecklist has been an incredible, measurable increase in my focus. More importantly, I know it will be instrumental in helping me to achieve my goals.

Oh and there are cool charts too if you like to see the data displayed in that format type. 
CLG, CEO, CPA, Attorney, San Diego, CA

I have benefited from some surprising unintended consequences from following this system. My mind is clear when I’m working on a task.
By sticking to my schedule I never feel like I am drifting or leading a purposeless life.

I’ve learned that taking consistent action toward my goals is the best way to build momentum, and I think that’s the key word here. Taking action gets easier and easier as I go along.

On a daily basis, I have noticed taking action on these goals requires much less effort and is much more enjoyable.  
SS, CEO, medical device startup, San Diego, CA

I feel like I have transcended to a new level from a functional perspective,
not just as CEO but as husband and dad.

Every day that I use this I feel like I am more effective than the day before.
It is tangible and rewarding to go in there each day and check things off,
and reflect on the reason why I may have fallen short in any other area.  Thanks.  
DN, CEO, eCommerce Software and Design, San Diego, CA.

EZchecklist has dramatically shifted my approach to achieving success. 
It goes beyond helping you plan and organize your day. 
It helps you discover your barriers to success and challenges you to
figure out the right types of activities and performance indicators that will
keep you motivated and moving forward. A key product feature is the ability to choose where to focus your attention each day. 

EZchecklist isn’t a static to-do list. It creates mindfulness because you have to consciously choose how to achieve your daily point target. 
That feature is a game changer because it gives you flexibility with accountability. 
EZchecklist is the “MyFitnessPal” app for success!”
SC, CEO/founder, Encinitas, CA

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