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Saturday, February 27, 2021

Integrated To Do List

EZchecklist™ was intended to be much more than a simple To Do List. It was intended to be more of a To Be checklist. That is, if we simply listed the behaviors of the person we want to be, and then we focused on doing those things, we would succeed wildly.

However, there's still the real world of stuff we have To Do, and they never really found a way to be included in EZchecklist™.  

So, in the latest experiment to recognize the need for a To Do list, check out how it's integrated at the end of the Take Action section. Notice that To Do items are not scored, just listed as the background noise of real life. There is no reward for doing the mundane stuff of life.

You can add this feature yourself by inserting a row below the last activity in your Take Action section. You can list all the To Do items in the one cell and double click to open the list, or create separate rows for each To Do item and make all of them a Group. The second approach will work better when using EZchecklist™ on your phone.

How are you keeping your To Do List now?

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